Vintage Tour de France "Lunch Break" (1920s) Poster Print - Presse 'e Sports

Vintage Tour de France "Lunch Break" (1920s) Poster Print - Presse 'e Sports

  • USD $24.95
Publisher: Presse 'e Sports
Size: 22" x 30"
Condition: Brand-new.

Item #: BP-03

Robert Jacquinot, one of the great animators of the Tour, taking a lunch break in Holstens
number six in a series

A great animator? Perhaps that means that Robert Jacquinot was simply a colorful character. He was hardly a cycling legend, having participated in seven Tours and winning just four stages from 1919 to 1925 - but his lunch break in Holstens lives on! This poster is amazing for its great details - as Jacquinot dines on soup, wine and a baguette, you notice the mud and grime on his legs, the spare tires wrapped around his shoulders, the rain goggles on his forehead, the design of his bicycle, and the priceless looks on the faces of the star-struck country folk who chose to feed him. A fantastic entry in the Vintage Tour de France collection - a historic sepia-toned photographic classic!

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