Stretching Exercise Wall Chart Set (3-Poster Combo) - Chartex

Stretching Exercise Wall Chart Set (3-Poster Combo) - Chartex

  • $47.95
Publisher: Chartex Products International Ltd.
Size: 3 Individual Posters, 23.5" x 33" Each
Condition: Brand New!

Item #: CX-STRETCH-3

An ideal addition to any serious gym! From the spectacular Chartex series of professional fitness wall charts, this trio of instructional posters features no less than 56 key stretching exercises to perform in order to prepare for a good workout. Each poster is dedicated to one region of the body (Upper Limbs, Lower Limbs, and Trunk & Back), includes anatomical drawings of the main muscles in the region, and includes professionally-illustrated and scientifically-researched instructions on each stretching exercise. These three charts will help maximize the benefits of any workout, and help avoid injury. Imported from the UK exclusively by Seen on the walls of better health clubs and gyms around the world!

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