Notre Dame Football 30-Yard Line Panorama - Everlasting Images 1992

Notre Dame Football 30-Yard Line Panorama - Everlasting Images 1992

  • USD $49.95
Publisher: Everlasting Images Inc., 1992
Size: 13.5" x 39"
Condition: Brand New! Printed on high-quality photographic stock.

Item #: EI252

30-Yard Line
A panoramic photo in South Bend, Indiana - photographer Rob Arra

Welcome to The Holy War - the annual Notre Dame-Boston College matchup that, in the 1990s, usually ended up as a dominating Irish victory! This vintage classic panoramic poster features the 1992 edition, with a packed house thrilling to a 34-0 first-half lead, en route to a 54-7 trouncing of the hapless Eagles. Like all prints in photographer Rob Arra's Everlasting Images series, every detail is in perfect focus, and as you pan across the image you feel like you are actually there. You can read the scoreboard, see the players on the sideline and on the field, see the marching band, and, of course, "Touchdown Jesus" towering high above the western grandstand. If you've been to a Fighting Irish home game, or even if you're an armchair fan, you'll love this piece - just looking at it makes you feel like you're there on gameday. Worthy of a nice frame and a central location on your sports wall-of-fame! Note: this poster is now long out-of-print; limited quantity remains in our warehouse.

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