Mark McGwire "Big Mac HR Countdown" - Costacos 1997

Mark McGwire "Big Mac HR Countdown" - Costacos 1997

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Publisher: Costacos Brothers, 1997
Size: 23" x 35"
Condition: Brand-New.

SKU: CN6241

When he went deep on Tuesday, September 7, 1998, Mark McGwire made baseball history. He broke Roger Maris' record with relative ease, and hit 62 faster than Babe Ruth hit his 60. This is baseball's All-Time home run king - a living legend.

This poster was published by Costacos Brothers prior to the 1998 season, and pictures McGwire in his new St. Louis Cardinals uniform. Its theme is the "Homerun Countdown" - the numbers from 1 to 62 are listed within the outside border in red lettering. It's a striking poster that features a swing that you know launched the ball at least 450 feet into the left-field stands at Busch. This poster is now out of print; limited quantity remain in warehouse.

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