Atlanta Braves "The Chop Shop" - Starline Inc. 1991

Atlanta Braves "The Chop Shop" - Starline Inc. 1991

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Publisher: Starline Inc., 1991
Size: 22¼" x 34½"
Condition: Brand New.

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It's hard to imagine that the Atlanta Braves were cellar-dwellers at any point in recent history. But, as this classic poster reminds us, it was 1991 that the Braves went from last to first, and made it to the World Series against the Minnesota Twins. Every dynasty begins somewhere, and this is where it started. Smoltz and Glavine were a dynamite 1-2 punch (this was pre-Greg Maddux in Atlanta...) David Justice was a second-year phenom. Ron Gant put up huge numbers. The Tomahawk Chop was initiated in Atlanta. It was a great era in Braves baseball - an optimistic time, when years of frustration had finally ended, the future looked bright, and the Tomahawk chop put Atlanta on the map! Own a piece of the beginning of the dynasty while you can - limited quantity remains in our warehouse.

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