Canada Cup 1976 Six Poster Set - Worldsport Properties Ltd.

Canada Cup 1976 Six Poster Set - Worldsport Properties Ltd.

  • USD $69.95
Publisher: Worldsport Properties Ltd., 1976
Size: Six separate posters, each size 20.5" x 29.5"
Condition: Brand-New! Stored new in warehouse since 1976!

Item #: PSAC-016

For fans of International Hockey, this amazing set is for you! Published in 1976 to help promote the upcoming Canada Cup tournament, these six posters celebrate the style, national spirit, and superstar play of each competing nation in that legendary tourney, eventually won by Canada in a thriller over the Czechs. We sell each poster individually as well, so for details on players in each poster, visit the poster page for each country: Team Canada, Team Suomi (Finland), Team USA, Team CSSR (Czechoslovakia), Team Sverige (Sweden), and Team CCCP (USSR). This full-set offer represents nearly 50% off the price of the individual posters! A rare collection that many Canadians remember from back in the day, but haven't seen in decades. A valuable collector's item for years to come! Note: limited quantity remains in our warehouse.

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