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1900 Paris

1904 St Louis

1908 London

1912 Stockholm

1920 Antwerp

1924 Chamonix

1924 Paris

1928 Amsterdam

1928 St Moritz

1932 Lake Placid

1932 Los Angeles

1936 Berlin

1936 Garmish Partenkirchen

1948 London

1948 St Moritz

1952 Helsinki

1952 Oslo

1956 Cortina Dampezzo

1956 Melbourne

1960 Rome

1960 Squaw Valley

1964 Tokyo

1967 Super Bowl I Packers Chiefs

1968 Grenoble

1968 Mexico City

1968 Super Bowl II Packers Raiders

1969 Super Bowl III Jets Colts

1970 Super Bowl IV Chiefs Vikings

1971 Super Bowl V Colts Cowboys

1972 Munich

1972 Sapporo

1972 Super Bowl VI Cowboys Dolphins

1973 Super Bowl VII Dolphins Redskins

1974 Super Bowl VIII Dolphins Vikings

1975 Super Bowl IX Steelers Vikings

1976 Innsbruck

1976 Montreal

1976 Super Bowl X Steelers Cowboys

1977 Super Bowl XI Raiders Vikings

1978 Super Bowl XII Cowboys Broncos

1979 Super Bowl XIII Steelers Cowboys

1980 Lake Placid

1980 Moscow

1981 Super Bowl XV Raiders vs Eagles

1982 Super Bowl XVI 49ers Bengals

1983 Super Bowl XVII Redskins Dolphins

1984 Los Angeles

1984 Sarajevo

1984 Super Bowl XVIII Raiders Redskins

1985 Super Bowl XIX 49ers Dolphins

1986 Super Bowl XX Bears Patriots

1987 Super Bowl XXI Giants Broncos

1988 Calgary

1988 Seoul

1988 Super Bowl XXII Redskins Broncos

1989 Super Bowl XXIII 49ers Bengals

1990 Super Bowl XXIV 49ers Broncos

1991 Super Bowl XXV Giants vs Bills

1992 Albertville

1992 Barcelona

1992 Super Bowl XXVI Redskins Bills

1993 Super Bowl XXVII Cowboys Bills

1994 Lillehammer

1994 Super Bowl XXVIII Cowboys Bills

1995 Super Bowl XXIX 49ers Chargers

1996 Atlanta

1996 Super Bowl XXX Cowboys Steelers

1997 Super Bowl XXXI Packers Patriots

1998 Nagano

1998 Super Bowl XXXII Broncos Packers

1999 Super Bowl XXXIII Broncos Falcons

2000 Super Bowl XXXIV Rams vs Titans

2000 Sydney

2001 Super Bowl XXXV Ravens vs Giants

2002 Salt Lake

2002 Super Bowl XXXVI Patriots vs Rams

2003 Super Bowl XXXVII Bucs Raiders

2004 Athens

2004 Super Bowl XXXVIII Patriots Panthers

2005 Super Bowl XXXIX Patriots Eagles

2006 Super Bowl XL Steelers Seahawks

2006 Torino

2007 Super Bowl XLI Colts Bears

2008 Beijing

2008 Super Bowl XLII Giants Patriots

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2010 Super Bowl XLIV Saints vs Colts

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